From our week

Are we safe? Check out this post to read more on the Russia/Ukraine crisis and our position. Otherwise, I bring you some lovely things from my week. 🙂

Since we got back to Ukraine, Josh has been helping to lead a Saturday night Bible class at our church. The topic he chose is Knowing God. Last week the group discussed common misconceptions people have about God.

Just a few of the class members that usually come.
Everyone enjoys refreshments afterwards.

Rebekah and I have a new favorite game – Wingspan! It features all the birds of North America, and has many details that make it both beautiful and interesting.

Watch out! I’ve learned how to win. 😉

It’s amazing how much little efforts at beauty help to make the long winters less drab. This tulip brightened up my week.

Simple and elegant.

The older girls and I have passed many evenings with this extraordinary book as our companion. Engaging, thrilling, challenging, heart-warming. I love that two spinsters and an old man – in the world’s eyes weak and insignificant – were used of God because of their faith!

Abby tried a new hairstyle that we both really liked – a messy bun that is quick and flattering.

She looks more grown up all the time.

David and Kathryn are my little school buddies. They’re both reading multiple words and simple sentences.

Cupcake stickers make school lots more fun!
A little boy and his truck

I have greatly enjoyed reading through Ephesians over the last few months. Recently, as I have searched for various topics throughout the book, I took a look at the word love. Interestingly, it was mentioned in every one of the six chapters. The first 3 chapters are mostly dedicated to God’s love for us – we are holy and without blame before him in love, we are accepted in the beloved, God loved us with a great love, & finally comes a prayer for us to comprehend the love of Christ which passes knowledge! God’s love is also likened to a soil for us to be “rooted and grounded in”, giving us nourishment and nutrients from which to thrive. (3:17)

Now we come to the second half of the book, a challenge to us to show love. We are to forbear one another in love, speak the truth in love, edify the body in love, walk in love, husbands are urged to love their wives (3x’s over), and as a grand finale, all of us are to love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity! It makes sense that we need the foundation of God’s love in order to be vessels of that love to others.

I have found many things to marvel over in this book.

And that ye may know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge, and be filled with all the fulness of God.

Ephesians 3:19

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  1. Hi Kelsie, This is Kaye, a friend of Allen and Betty M., and with them in their Connection Class at church. I just wanted you to know you and Joshua and your precious family are in our prayers and on our weekly prayer sheet. “We as believers must always remember that our lives will always be a balance between the calling God has given us in this world and what we know will eventually take place as He carries out His plans.We are to live in this world and love its people and show them that there is hope and truth and peace to be found. And when you watch the news and look around you and discouragement comes, look up – your redemption draws nigh. “This is a quote from Amir Tsarfati, a fellow believer and missionary teacher from Israel. You can find him at I will leave you with this for now, adapted from the apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 3:3: We are praying that you all will be delivered from wicked and evil men; for not everyone holds to the faith. But the LORD is faithful, and He will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one. And we have confidence in the Lord that you are doing and will continue to do what He commands. May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance. Blog on, Kelsie, and give your family hugs for us. With you all His love and grip, Kaye

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