Better Late Than Never

It feels completely odd to be posting this the day after Christmas, when everyone else is putting up photos of adorable kids in front of glittering Christmas trees. I have no such photos just yet. We will be celebrating a week late this year – yes, that’s allowed!– due to a number of social commitments. This post was prepared well before Thanksgiving but it languished in my drafts folder while mom life got the best of me. 😉 Tonight I got it out, brushed it up, edited a lot, and decided it was worth posting anyway. Here you go: a peek into our October and November!

A Charming October
Fall in L’viv was particularly beautiful this year!


A girl and her dog
We enjoyed a few fun family outings in the lovely weather!
Canopy of colors
Stunning view near our apartment
More fall colors 😉



A Personal Update

It’s been a season of being stretched in new ways and learning how to enjoy my life despite many demands on my time. One of the big lessons of the past few weeks has been not getting hung up on my own mistakes and insufficiency. I find myself often anxious about my failures, or the things that fall through the cracks. I can easily obsess over perfecting my own image. But I am reminded that this life isn’t about me being great; it’s about exalting the greatness of my God. It’s not about me doing all things well, but about Jesus who does all things well!

I don’t see this as an excuse to avoid doing well. I see it has a reminder to get my eyes off of myself and turn my heart to worship a perfect God who works in my imperfect life!

Here are some other things I’ve been enjoying:


This is a podcast that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Season 14 was about the race against Germany during WWII to develop nuclear weapons. Riveting! (Caveat: there is occasional bad language.)


I’ve read Living a Purpose-Full Life twice now in seasons when I was looking for more clarity about my goals and direction. It really is so good!

School Fun

Joshua has taken over the math department since Mia was born. Isn’t that wonderful? He and the older girls are getting up early to get their math done before the rest of the family gets up. After a few weeks, I asked the girls how it was working out to get up at 6 am, since this was new for them. They responded, “It’s hard to get out of bed, Mom, but once we’re up it feels so good to get stuff done!” Music to my ears.

As part of our science, the girls grew bean plants and learned about all the parts of a plant. To say they loved it is an understatement.
Pets, not plants. These “pets” got names: Little Green, Bloom, Emma, Stubby, & Sprout. 😀
And we hit on a real favorite when we read The Hobbit this month.
After we finished the book, Abigail and Rebekah planned and executed (with a little help from me) this Bilbo Baggins cake for Hosanna’s 9th birthday!

Till next time!

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