School can’t really be this fun!

One big priority Joshua and I have as we homeschool our children is that they become able communicators. Especially, we want our children to be able to write well. Unfortunately, figuring out how to accomplish that isn’t always easy! 

This year I added a program I simply love to our homeschooling routine. Not only are we enjoying Teaching Writing, Structure and Style, (from the Institute for Excellence in Writing) but it is going a long way toward helping us accomplish our goals. The best part is that the children are learning writing in a way that is not frustrating. It’s actually fun!

So far, we have learned to make key word outlines, reconstruct a text using our outline, use dress-ups to make the text more interesting, and create intriguing titles that draw in the reader.

Hosanna with one of her favorite pieces, which she titled “Nocturnal Hunters”.
Rebekah holding her paper about a sea wasp, called “Stung and Staggering”
Abby and Hosanna working diligently on their pieces.

This past week, the girls and I finished this read-aloud together, which we thoroughly enjoyed.


“Widge” is an underdog in his society, a mere prentice, but he does have one unique skill. When a mysterious, cloaked figure escorts him to London on a mission of theft, Widge accidentally falls in with a group of lively actors, and is faced with a life-altering decision. He can either take the easy, well-known path of deceit and self-preservation, or endanger himself for the rewards of friendship, trust and belonging. This book was completely thrilling and heart-warming!

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