Picture Post: Sickness, Sunshine, and Spring

We spent a couple of weeks this month fighting sickness: high fever, weakness, sore throat, and cough. 😓 Glad to have that behind us, and spring now well on it’s way to L’viv!

Lots of snuggles with Mamma were called for.
Poor little guy. I made him a pallet in the kitchen so he could be close to me while I worked.
A lot of movies were watched.
Glad to finally be on the mend! Nancy Drew is a good companion in such times as these. 😉
Signs of spring
SUNSHINE!!! Fills my heart with joy after so many gray months.
My sunny view. Taking walks is one way I refresh my soul as a mom.
A dapper little dude
All ready for church!
IMG_1110 2
Kathryn models a new outfit she received. I think she’s kinda pleased. 😉
Enjoying an overdue date night
A very lovely first course

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