Our Mia

For those of you interested in seeing baby pictures, here are some favorites from Mia's first month of life. Probably a few more than you bargained for! 😉 Mia is a good-natured little person and has adjusted well to her eating and sleeping routine. She's very strong, wanting to hold up her head and trying… Continue reading Our Mia

A Lovely Birthday

A date with my favorite guy... Spoiled by my girls... Lovely gifts... A dolly who wanted to join the party too... Opening presents... Yummy things made by others... Surrounded by my people... Friends and fun... A BLESSED day!

Meet Macie

About a month ago, God dropped an unexpected gift into our lives. I was welcoming some guests when I spotted the golden-red dog standing on my doorstep. I spoke a kind goodbye to her and shut the door. She likely had a home somewhere, and I wasn't in the habit of taking in strays. But… Continue reading Meet Macie