Picture post: Spring Highlights, and a “Peculiar Jewel”

A lot has been going on the past 6 weeks! Here are some of the highlights:

The month of May found us celebrating Easter by the Orthodox calendar; almost a whole month later than the US! Since Easter is a very big holiday in western Ukraine, we wanted to do something special to emphasize the message of Christ to some of our neighbors and friends.

The girls and I put a lot of time and energy into preparing special baskets with goodies.
We all worked together; it was a family project!
I said, “Abby, I need artwork”, and within about two hours she brought me this!
The text says, “Christ is Risen!”, the traditional Ukrainian Easter greeting. Inside, we each wrote a personal testimony of what Easter -and Christ- means to us.
Kathryn was particularly excited to deliver a basket to the neighbors.
Looks like Rebekah and Hosanna might not be able to wait until Easter morning for cinnamon rolls!
A happy breakfast consumer

Happy Birthday, Joshua!!

Joshua celebrated his 42nd birthday on May 8th. He likes to keep things low key, but I did manage to whisk him away for a hamburger date the night before. And we had a small family celebration with STEAKS for dinner. I’d say that’s real man’s birthday! 😉  

My Love 😍
My first time (maybe ever?) to cook steaks.
Happy birthday, Daddy!!

J&K Getaway

Josh and I have been hoping for some time away by ourselves, especially after his unexpected trips to the States earlier this year. But like a slippery eel eluding our grasp, time sped by and we couldn’t seem to pin down a date. However, in early June we got our opportunity! We rented an AirBnB for a couple of nights and visited scenic downtown L’viv. 😄 (Just a few minutes away from our house.)

Josh unpacking at our cozy AirBnB.
No kids!
A cozy lunch of lentil soup, artisan bread, and apples.
Going out for pizza like a couple of teens. 😀

What I have is enough…

My days are very full, especially with lots of kids, homeschooling, ministry projects, and what seems to be an ungodly number of visits to the dentist. 😬 I recently noticed I was rather unsmiling and agenda-driven, a bit like an apathetic burger-flipper at a fast food restaurant with a quota to fill. I got the work done, but there was a damper on my heart and soul. I felt inadequate because of things I believed I lacked as a person and dissatisfied with constraints on my time.

God recently convicted me that I didn’t need many of the things I was struggling so hard for; rather, I needed to learn contentment. Could I be content with today and it’s accomplishments? Content with the person God has shaped me to be thus far? Especially freeing for me was realizing that the gifts God has already given me are completely enough for today’s needs. I don’t really lack at all. I can be content with what He has given, sure that it is enough for me.

Looking at my day through eyes of contentment has been an enjoyable challenge. I am reminded that at its heart, contentment is about knowing Christ and being more satisfied in Him. This quote by Charles Spurgeon says it to a T:

“Ah, you will never have enough till you get Christ; but when you have him, you will be full to the brim. Contentment is the peculiar jewel of the beloved of the Lord Jesus.”

I would like to have that jewel. These pictures remind me of the many daily moments I have to savor:

A Sunday afternoon picnic
Ready for church. The cuteness factor is off the charts.
Quintessential baby pose. Can you still do that?
Abby is our resident salad maker. Yeah, it’s awesome.
I am super content with these racks my husband installed! No more tossing the dishrag in the sink, kids! Also, a rare moment with no dishes in the sink. 😉
If you’re looking for friendly medical services, look no further!
Drs. Kathryn and David will fix what ails you.
Mia Steele, M.D. will help to confirm your diagnosis!
David on his first real set of wheels.

2 thoughts on “Picture post: Spring Highlights, and a “Peculiar Jewel””

  1. Beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing what you have been learning as well. I love hearing what God is speaking to others and learning through it as well.


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