Picture Post: Someone is 15!!!

Abigail Hope Steele

Last Friday, (September 25th) Abigail turned 15!! Abby is artistic, energetic, self-motivated, and loyal. She’s a great one to have on your team. I have learned a lot from her – she doesn’t take herself too seriously, she’s quick to acknowledge her faults and move on, and she’s a girl of action!

To celebrate her birthday, we went on a family outing to the park.
Our family friend and helper, Bohdana, came along. She’s like a sister to our girls.
Cool Cat Hosanna hides in the slide.
Daddy is the best play “gym” of all!
David will always find the nearest truck or car to play with.
These days, Mia always has her little puppy in tow.
The Lady of the Leaves
Rebekah challenges herself with the Rubix cube.
Our blanket is the fun blanket! Time for a picnic!
The view is beautiful.
Mia and her puppy pose for a picture.
Happy Birthday, Abigail!
Determined to stick to her fitness plan, Abby baked this Trimtastic Chocolate Zucchini Cake, from Trim Healthy Mama. It was delish!
Proud owner of an aquarium! Fish coming soon…

And a few pictures from family life…

Daddy & Daughter dates are SWEET!
We enjoyed visiting two of our favorite people, Edmund and Agnes! They are from Northern Ireland but spend a lot of time ministering in L’viv.
Rebekah and Hosanna got to attended a kid’s camp in the Carpathians! Next year I wanna go 😉
They met some bears while there.
Fresh air, good company, and beautiful surroundings.
Back at home, Kathryn plays dress up. I think she’s a perfect Little Bo Peep!
Mia gets dressed up for some colder weather.
When God made kids, He must’ve made boxes too. 😉
“I’ll show you, Daddy.”
Goodbye, y’all!

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