Things a Weary Person Can’t See

Are you weary of the quarantine? (Is the pope Catholic?) I woke up a few days ago and thought how weary I am of this sterile sameness. Probably a lot of people reached that point a long time ago. Personally, my life has been pretty full of activity – in fact in some ways a bigger workload than normal – and though I can’t go anywhere or see anyone, my kids have kept me company. (Occasionally too much company! ;))

But I’ve grown weary of the “sameness”. Nothing to break up the monotony of meals, chores, and parenting.

I got to thinking about how weariness prevents a person from seeing things that could otherwise give the courage to keep going. This applies to weariness from COVID-19, or maybe from another hardship in life. Here are a few:

A weary person can’t see that there is an end.

I’m reminded of childbirth: When you think you absolutely can’t endure any longer, you’re about to meet your baby. But as you’re going through it, it seems like it will never be over! Often, I think the unbearable circumstances of our lives are like that. They are going to pass, and maybe the end is sooner than we realize. But in the moments of stress we get bogged down with weariness and discouragement. Knowing there is an end can help us finish faithfully.

A weary person can’t see what they’re gaining.

What has your weary labor gotten for you? With a little effort, I can find a lot of benefit that has come out of this time. I see lots of fun reading done with my children. I see memories made over the Catan game board, more time spent with my two preschoolers, and exposure to the lovely spring world. I see a cleaner house due to new systems implemented for my children and me. (Some of you may have a REALLY clean house by now!!) My body is stronger from more regular working out.

Sure, there have been times of discouragement, listlessness and weariness, but there have been a passel of good things too.

A weary person can’t see how to make things better.

While I’m focused on my discouragement, I’m unable to look for ways to make it better. Sometimes there are simple solutions to improve my lot or make it more bearable.

For example:

Choose one fun thing to do today.
Buy some fresh flowers to put on the table.
Start a new book.
Call a friend and have a video chat.
Set a goal (like memorizing some Scripture, or doing a certain number of workouts) and experience the satisfaction of working toward it.
Find a practical way to minister to others through phone, text, or a run to the grocery store.
Eat some chocolate. (Oh yeah, baby!)

A weary person can’t see that there will be a reward for faithfulness.

What does the Bible say? Don’t be weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. There will be a harvest!

There will be a reward for faithfulness.
There will be a reward for gratitude offered up in the trenches.
There will be a reward for continuing to seek God through the tough times.
There will be a reward for the w-a-aaaaaaiting. (Patience, experience, hope)
There will be increased strength from the wearisome burdens borne.

And perhaps other rewards I can’t even see.

To close, here are a few pictures from a spring walk we took this week.

Hosanna tests her climbing skills.
This wagon has been perfect for when we can’t go to parks or playgrounds!
I found this magnificent chestnut tree to be riveting!
God makes the best scenery.
The clouds got in sync with the lilac vibe. Beautiful spring colors.

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