Picture Post: Winter turns to spring and the Steele kids grow bigger




In no particular order, I bring you life from the Steele home in recent weeks.

Daddy/daughter snuggles and rosy cheeks.


Kathryn, ever dramatic, plays “dead” after outside time.


Make sure you keep your slippers on, Princess Hosanna!


This never gets old.


Josh and I got dressed up for a Valentine’s event we participated in. Thankful to do life side by side with this man!!


Went in to check on the kids one night and found David taking it easy. 😉


Solid foods have gone over quite well with Mia.


We squeezed in a week of spring cleaning and projects right before the quarantine began. This crew was a big help!


A man is never more attractive than when he’s fixing things around the house, right ladies? ;D


A, B, C, D, E, F….KATHRYN! Won’t be long before this kiddo is reading.


The great thing about large families is you always have a buddy.


Spring is here! Reading time outside for the win.


Cranberry Orange Bread, by Abigail. She’s good to have around, I’m telling you!


I told him to smile and this is what I got!


That’s better! I love having a little boy in the family.

6 thoughts on “Picture Post: Winter turns to spring and the Steele kids grow bigger”

  1. Those pictures a so nice and they indeed give a glimpse of your life with your wonderful family! God bless, take care 💝!!


  2. Great pictures! Fun to see.We have a child who always flumps right down on the entry rug when we come in and takes FOREVER to get her outside clothes off. Her name starts w B and ends in “a”. 


  3. Very cute photos! Very sweet family. We got to see Danny and Cindy a few weeks ago. Was so glad we could make it happen!


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