May Photos: People and Parties

Birthdays and Parties

The month of May began with a birthday outing for my special friend, Katelin! Happy birthday!
Next on the birthday train was Joshua! Abby made this scrumptious chocolate cake for him.
Rebekah and Kathryn bought Daddy a favorite – Cini Minis cereal! (a.k.a. Cinnamon Toast Crunch)
Family members pitched together to buy Joshua this lego rocket. We all had fun learning about the Apollo Saturn V as a result, and watching video clips of it blasting off to the moon!
Hosanna and David made their own fancy birthday cake out of play dough.
Pretending “birthday” is almost as fun as the real thing! 😉
The party continues! Katelin Day (not pictured) organized a fun get together and fellowship for our team. I think Nathan Day should open his eyes a little more for the picture! 😉
We were all highly entertained by some “minute to win it” games. Here the men transfer M&M’s to a bowl using straws. How many can you do in a minute?
Denise and Nathan prepare to compete in another game using Oreos.
I can’t look at this picture without cracking up! The object was to get the Oreo from your forehead to your mouth, using only your facial muscles. Can you guess who won?
This is Tolik and Nastia, the lovely Ukrainian couple on our team. At least I didn’t post a crazy Oreo picture of them! 😉
Fun was had by all!

Kids at Work & Play

May gave us many rainy and cold days. Nothing deterred, our helper, Bohdana, still got those little people outside to play!
The sun came out! Time for a picnic!
Good ole’ outside play
Peekaboo! This is an attraction at a local toy store the kids visited on another rainy morning.
Kathryn, age 4, has been delighted with a preschool book my mom sent her as a gift. She dubbed it her “math”.
She was also delighted to cut the bananas for the fruit salad. Just like the big girls! (Don’t worry, the knife she is using is more kid-friendly than it appears.)
Doing it like a pro!
We had to say goodbye to Daddy for a week while he attended a wedding in the US. Doesn’t he look handsome though?!
We girls had some fun at home while he was away. Melty beads are popular at our house and perfect for yet another RAINY day.
Of the games enjoyed at our house, Scattergories might just rank at the top. We wore it out while Daddy was gone!
The girls worked hard on this special banner for Daddy. He was greatly missed!
SO happy to be together again!
On the last day of May, we had our final meeting with our church teens until fall. It was a great way to wrap up the month!

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  1. Fun pictures! Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy keeping up with y’all through the newsletters and blog! 💕


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