Meet Macie

About a month ago, God dropped an unexpected gift into our lives.

I was welcoming some guests when I spotted the golden-red dog standing on my doorstep. I spoke a kind goodbye to her and shut the door. She likely had a home somewhere, and I wasn’t in the habit of taking in strays.

But 15 minutes later when I opened the door again, irresistible brown eyes stared up at me, and a heart-touching whimper emerged. The little ones were beginning to get interested, and soon there was a whole crowd of kids around the dog, who was basking in the attention.

We gave her a dish of water and a few scraps of meat, but she wasn’t really hungry. Soon a towel made its way out onto the cold tile of the doorstep. And before you know it, this sweet-tempered, friendly little animal passed right over the threshold into our home, and just as nearly into our hearts.

We knew we might find her owners soon. Despite not having a collar or ID, she appeared to be well taken care of and house trained. It was evident someone had spent time with this dog. So we held off naming her as long as we could, and tried not to become too attached. But there was no mistaking that this dog fit in perfectly with our family.

No one called in response to the posters we put up, and the local vet didn’t recognize her either. So after about 2 days we held a family meeting and chose a name: Macie.


Later we posted some internet ads, but the few calls that came in were from people in search of other dogs.

Our kids, especially the oldest three, have been over-the-moon with delight. They had lobbied for a dog for years, but we had always put them off. Due to apartment life, small children, and international travel, it didn’t seem like a dog was a good fit for our family.

A dog at last!
Macie and Abby have formed an especially close bond, and Macie sleeps in Abby’s bed at night.

We are delighted and thankful that God had other plans! Macie has been a dream dog: she’s quiet, oh-so-friendly, house-trained, and she does’t chew on anything! And as far as we know, she’s only about 2 years old.

Welcome to the family, Macie!


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