Picture Post: March memory-making

Youth meetings

Lately, Joshua and I have had the privilege of hosting some Friday night youth meetings in our home. The topic has been biblical courtship and marriage, and has generated quite a lot of discussion and interest. These pictures are from last time, taken just before two more teens joined us.

As you can see, our meetings are quite cozy.
Joshua explains a Bible verse.

Afternoon fun

Kathryn recently came to me with an important memory about “that time we had brownies.” Seeing as I could not remember the occasion, I determined it must be high time to make brownies again! Based on these pictures, I’d say it turned out to be a good idea. 🙂





A new favorite “chore”

David now asks to wash the dishes nearly every day.
“Isn’t this fun, Mom?”

Sunny Smiles

Enjoying time away at a friend’s house
Rebekah and David play “drive the car”!

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