Revolution Song: Book Review

Intrigued. That what I was when I first heard about Revolution Song. It was featured on a podcast called American History Tellers that was using the book as the basis for a series. After listening to an episode or two, I ordered the book and eagerly began reading. Later, while on a date with Joshua, I gave him an overview. He was likewise intrigued.

And so, while on a 10-day road trip in the States last fall, I began reading the book aloud to Joshua. It was the perfect way to wile away the time between stops and help keep the driver awake. 😉

rev song

In this book, 6 historical figures from the Revolutionary War period are storied in fascinating detail. Their personalities and experiences vary widely—a British war secretary, an inexperienced American General, an African taken into slavery while only a boy, an Iroquois leader with a white father, a self-made New York politician, and a head-strong young woman unfortunate in marriage. The author does a wonderful job of interweaving their stories, giving back and forth snapshots from each life as they occurred on the timeline of the Revolutionary War period. The fight for freedom touched them all, and each one responded uniquely to it.

If you like a good story and you’re not intimidated by a lengthy read, you’ll enjoy this book!


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